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The CHANTA CREW was founded by Che & some close friends in 2009 in their hometown Duesseldorf in Germany with the intention to spread out positive vibes among all kind of people and bring them together with the help of reggae music. After settling down in the scene and several different crew-lineups the present Crew came into existence wich consists of members from Europe, Asia, Africa, Southamerica & the Caribbean. Releasing the first Mixtape, wich was also called "CHANTA CREW", in 2009 the audience asked for more so that playing live-shows were unavoidable.

After starting to play regularly in 2010 and organizing & hosting more than 75 dances in the first 3 Years the Crew gained more & more experience and also felt the heavy resistance against Reggae & Dancehall music coming mainly from the government. But this was only another point of motivation to continue their mission and reach their goal to infect the people with some good Vibes. Since then till now CHANTA CREW never gave up to fight for the peoples right to listen to some good Reggae & Dancehall Music. Thats why this sound is streetwise also well known as -THE SOUND OF THE PEOPLE-.



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